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Marlar Maw Jewellery is a celebration of Myanmar spirit and artisanship. The pieces are all made with a passion for respecting the local resources from which it is produced. Each piece is handcrafted primarily using traditional techniques and is unique with its own particular personality.


branch ring.jpg
branch ring.jpg



Baucis and Philemon were a loving married couple living in a small town in Ancient Greece. When the disguised Greek Gods Zeus and Hermes visited the town of Phrygia, they knocked on doors asking for accommodation for the night. They were rejected by all until they finally arrived at the humble home of Baucis and Philemon. They were welcomed in and given food and wine. The couple realised they where in the presence of Gods when their jug of wine kept refilling itself. Philemon went to catch his goose that guarded the house to prepare a special meal for the Gods, but it ran to Zeus' lap for safety. Angered by the inhospitality of the town's residents, the Gods led the couple up on to a hill and the town was flooded and destroyed. In place of the couple's house, a temple was created and they were appointed as guardians. They asked for one request of the Gods - that they should die simultaneously. When they did, thy were transformed into intertwining pair of trees.

14K yellow gold with smokey quartz. 

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