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Marlar Maw Jewellery is a celebration of Myanmar spirit and artisanship. The pieces are all made with a passion for respecting the local resources from which it is produced. Each piece is handcrafted primarily using traditional techniques and is unique with its own particular personality.





The Aegis was the shield carried by both Zeus and Athena for protection in battle according to the Iliad. Zeus, the king of the gods at Mt Olympus in Greek mythology was the god of the sky and thunder rather like Thor in Norse mythology. He is a representation of strength, justice and protection. Similarly Athena, his fellow bearer of the shield, was the goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilisation, law and justice.

The sharing of the shield between Zeus and Athena demonstrates the equality of men and women even in the ancient times.

These represent confidence, bravery and a determination to fight for and care for all that is important in life, especially family, friends and loved ones.

Sterling silver cuff links with a pink tourmaline centre piece and surrounding rubies. 

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